CEO Message  

Talayehdaran with Embed the frontispiece tips and comments of own customers has proudly as one of the companies effective play a role in the field of information technology in the country.

The main our dreams and ideals in Talayehdaran is meet the needs of customers with the highest international standards in quality and the lowest cost. Company managers and personnel is responsible in front of each customer and obliged to provide the best and highest quality service to them.

Talayehdaran diversity of services and products in different fields in IT, different walks of life need of end users to public and private companies and institutions covered. This helps customers easily and without having to visit various companies and with minimal cost and time, their needs in the field of information technology supply.

The benefits of the company compared to other competitors:

  • Appropriate inventory of products supplied
  • Very competitive prices for customers
  • Warranty and after-sales service
  • Strong technical and commercial team
  • Educational services for the products supplied
  • Delivery time for orders
  • Formidable foreign partners
  • Technical advice to customers

Company slogans in connection with customers:

  • The only profit center in Company is the customer
  • The customer is in the position of partner.
  • Excellent service, generous consulting and quality is not our rating, but our commitment.
  • Marketing is not based on agency facilities, but also are based on customer satisfaction.
  • Customer with self-buying Thanks to our client with your purchase and our faithfulness to thank him for that.

The last word that Talayehdarans customer satisfactions of how to serve price, quality of service and products, also personnel and managers behavior with them is one of our honor and pride ourselves in this regard.

Hossein Ali Mohammadi