Cisco Products  

Cisco equipment with regard to the high performance in bed communication networks , has always been popular IT experts were and will typically in the implementation of these products normative strategies that can raise the efficiency of network , will play a significant role. The solutions to Cisco recommendations, guaranteeing the security, prevent redundant data, preventing Broadcasting, etc.


Talayedarane shabakeye Azarbayjan company benefiting from experts in the field of Cisco and with fund their resumes in the field of create IT networks in providing consultation services installation and designing and implementing networks based on Cisco equipment , it will be a good candidate for the problems and the requirements of you.

  • Procurement and sales of Cisco equipment (multi-layer switches , routers, firewalls)
  • Consulting, installation, design and implementation of services (INTER-Vlan, FSRP, SWITCHING, ROUTING)
  • Consulting, installation, design and implementation types of Cisco firewalls (PIX, ASA)
  • Providing security solutions related to Cisco devices (IOS / IPS, ACL, NAT, QOS)
  • providing security solutions in the establishment of telecommunications (VPN, IPSEC, MPLS)
  • Providing economic solutions in the field of communications (VOIP) using Cisco equipment
  • Implementation of networks (Data Center, LAN, WAN) based on Cisco network model standards