Design and implementation of data centers  

Nowadays data centers play a vital role in organizing and concentrating resources and capacity organization's computing to integrate equipment, Information and applications are sensitive and spatial-completely safe and has expansion capabilities.

According to the tariff given by the Energy Policy Renewal data center is an infrastructure critical component that are responsible for support the Internet and digital commerce and electronic communication sector and is the source of all the services provided in the network. As a result, all the services contained therein must be accurate, on schedule and without the slightest interruption act. In general, data centers are defined as a place to provide the following:

  • Storage, managing, processing and exchange of digital information.
  • Providing the practical services or managing to process information such as Internet, Internet Web Hosting Communication and Information Technology

Create a data center needs a very detailed and extensive planning and Its design objectives should be clearly defined in order to achieve those objectives are possible and all standard on different parts should be taken into account.

Accordingly, Talayehdaran Company provides the following services:

  • Study and identify existing infrastructure and services
  • The feasibility and needs assessment
  • Providing a feasibility study on setting up a data center in terms of economy and manpower

Data center's physical infrastructure

The increasing expansion of data centers and the high cost of equipment and the importance and immense data value has allowed to the construction of the centers before anything suitable, reliable and standards for equipment and data to be provided.

physical network infrastructure unit talayehdarane shabakeye Azerbaijan company relying on technical knowledge of its experts and enjoying the experience gained large Projects data centers, comprehensive solutions based on standards in this area offers.

The task of this unit is consulting, design and implementation of different parts of the data center infrastructure that the most important topics include:


Buildings and create space

  • geographical location
  • Spaces
  • Walls

Electric power systems

  • Panels AC, DC
  • Diesel generators and switchgear Change Over
  • Ups and battery
  • Switchgear PFC
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • PDU of Switchable and feature Metering

Earth protection system

  • Wells Earth
  • Lightning arrester
  • Grounding systems
  • Shielding Systems
  • Secondary protection and arresters

Air conditioning system

  • In Room Systems
  • In Row Systems
  • Hot Aisle Containment systems

pathch panel

Notification and Fire Fighting Systems

  • Sensors (Aspiration, Smoke, Heat, Gas, Hnfra Red)
  • Central Control
  • Operating gases (Fm2, Argon, Hal one)

Security and control systems

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Image capture systems
  • Access Control

Management Systems

  • Central Monitoring System
  • BMS System

Passive network system

  • Rack and Power
  • Ladder and Cable Tray
  • Anti-earthquake system Rack
  • Network Cables
  • Optical fiber