End Point Security  


User’s security is an inseparable part of an organization's security policies. Firewalls, antivirus Security Backup software is only part of Endpoint software’s which is widely used in order to implement the security policies of an organization. By implementing security policies for ordinary users, in addition to network security systems Backbone Network administrators will be able to increase their systems confidence.

Talayehdarane shabakeye Azerbaijan company using its extensive experience in the field of computer network security can be provide consulting services, software installation and preparation Endpoint Security assist you in lifting confidence Network

  • Consulting, installation and commissioning of software Endpoint Security in Organizations
  • Offering a variety of antivirus software and anti-Spyware
  • Prevent the installation of malware and Trojans
  • Offering a variety software data protection
  • Offering a variety of software firewalls
  • Offering a variety of backup and data recovery software