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Join to the successful people!


For flourishing of your prosperity and capabilities, every moment there is the opportunity to join the forerunners for you. Regarding extension activities of this group, graduates and professionals in various fields, can apply their knowledge and perseverance in the Talayehdaran dynamic and simmering environment.

What's in this section is at your disposal, information that draw a small picture of the working environment Talayehdaran and describes how to join this group.

Joining to us!

1. When you send for this group asked to join the Talayehdaran your application and CV with observance confidentiality, will be discussed in unit of human resource management Talayehdaran. Then directors of human resources department will consult with managers of parts believed to you can place in there.

2. This process will take about two months. During this period, may be contacted with you and meeting of the interview be adjusted. May be raised capabilities of your resume, be the initial confirmation of the administrators of the organization's human resources department, but the specific job at the time for you not be recognized in Talayehdaran. For this reason, your request for up to one year in the company's archives will be stored and may be in better opportunities contact you.

3. If your initial assessment resume is positive and specific job position are considered to be for you, general and specialized conference sessions will be held with you to join the Talayehdaran decision.

Send the resume!

There are several options to send resume and job application:

  • Receive and complete the recruitment form in person on the company premises
  • Sending resumes in PDF format via the form below