Backup And Restore Data  


In today's world information is most valuable assets of companies and organizations and resulting in maintaining them is very important. Create a secure environment for keeping information and ensure the sustainability and their health in different situations and ensure the return of data in case of loss, the first and most certain way to business continuity.

Backup process from data on storage systems (except File-based equipment) through Backup software on servers take place. Backup software, such as NT Backup (available on Windows systems), according to its capabilities and facilities will be responsible Backup operations and its management on a variety of equipment Backup storage (disk-based or Tape).

  • Consulting, solution design and supply equipment of servers
  • Consulting and supply management software for servers and storage of information
  • Training and support for equipment and server solutions and storage of information
  • Consulting, solution design and data storage supply equipment (SAN, NAS, Backup)
  • Consulting and solution design equipment backup information (online, Offline, Backup)
  • Install, set up and manage different operating systems at the customer site
  • Service and maintenance of equipment and hardware upgrades periodic

Talayehdaran Company according to the needs of organizations and companies to the data backup application layer to supply software products companies EMC, Symantec as original and valid license.

Netword Attach Storage

Many of the organizations to share resources between users and create an environment where users can store its own files needed volume of storage resources for this purpose NAS equipment which is available to all users in network environments (according to permissions granted to them) is recommended.

Storage Area Network

If the servers of an organization want to use jointly from a source storage (in single or cluster) and create its database in a secure and joint environment from a dedicated network storage (including network cards, switch and dedicated cables that set high-speed connections between servers and storage facilities information) are used.

Backup Solution

Although the data storage solutions guarantee that safety and security of data in a very high level, always a reliable backup of data at regular intervals that can be keep it in an environment separate from the electronic environment (e.g. safes) required. A variety of backup solutions in environments SCSI, FC, etc., and specific software and hardware for this that offered by the HP company, according to kind of storage environment information in per organization is implement and available.