Providing services in the field of Microsoft and Linux servers  


Talayehdarane shabakeye Azerbaijan Company utilizes his experience in these years Azerbaijan has been able to use experts in the field of Linux and Microsoft server offers services at this level such that it can be the service, including the following:

  • Provide server and client products for companies Microsoft, Novell and a variety of Linux distributions Red hat, Sues ...
  • provide security solutions based on international standards
  • Consulting, design and implementation of a variety of Windows and Linux servers
  • Create domain networks under Windows and Linux and the full implementation of security policies
  • Create Servers Web, FTP, Squid, Radius, Video Streaming Media
  • Create security strategies by Net Framework
  • Providing remote communications security solutions (VPN, MPLS)


Provide guidelines for Load Sharing

  • Consulting, installation Clustering based on windows and Linux for Fault Tolerance
  • Design and implementation of Load Balancing in Windows and Linux Network
  • Consulting, design and implementation of routing protocols for Windows and Linux
  • provide comprehensive solutions in applying the Core version of Windows and Linux servers in data centers
  • Launch the WSUS server for updates on the Windows Client Management
  • Providing training and comprehensive documentation after completion of each project