Nova Backup software Network Edition with providing a new approach in protecting the data will be able to help the network managers to protection and immunization the data.

This product supports all Linux and Windows platforms with the central management network backups process, will meet the needs of the users.


The benefits to you are:

  1. Ensure the protection of information assets
  2. Quick and reliable data backup capability
  3. Data protection, independent of the operating environment and equipment
  4. Graphical user-friendly environment for regulating the Backup
  5. Flexibility in timing for Automatic Backup Process
  6. Three-step data encryption to protect the information security
  7. First-class technical support across the country

Data storage system

International experienced experts to protect sensitive information and vital, recommends Nova Backup products. Part of Nova Backup products is planned to protect data for small and medium organizations that puts a wide choice in this field to the organizations. These features include the implementation of the process of Backup, Restore, and backup of running files, define Auto Backup strategies and Imaging to full reconstruction of the system.

Products for enterprise environments

• Nova Backup Professional for conventional computers

• Nova Backup Server for Windows Server

• Nova Backup Business Essentials for Windows Server Plus supports MS SQL and Exchange

• Nova Backup BE Virtual VMware and Hyper-V to support an unlimited number of machines

Product features Novastor:

  • Scheduled for ordinary PCs and laptops
  • support all local and online storage devices 
  • Scheduled for enterprise servers
  • Compatible with all local and online devices storage
  • Scheduled for enterprise servers with the support of the data of software 2008, Exchange SQL 2005, SQL
  • Scheduled for virtual environments
  • With support for an unlimited number of virtual machines
  • Expansion capabilities in heterogeneous environments
  • Support maximum up to 10 servers
  • And an unlimited number of WorkStation only with one license