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The most advanced techniques of efficient use of server resources, is virtualization. The history of using this method returns to the era of Mainframe in the 60s, is where Mainframe hardware resources are just virtual machines was available to users. Virtual machine (VM) was in the original virtualization copy hardware Main Frame that was loaded for users on their terminals and users thought that the system resources are at their disposal. In this way, resources are allocated automatically and as needed to each person and of all Mainframe facilities were used for optimization.

Today this method has been used for more efficient use of server resources and the cost of purchasing and installing and maintaining servers reduces 70%. Now the various components are placed on different servers to problems such as lack of coordination software, software bugs, hardware problems will not cause failure of all services. In Statistical analysis showed that the server efficiency (utilization) is between 15% and 5% respectively.


Suppose a network administrator wants five different services installed on 5 different servers and finally (Utilization) per server reach to 15% the cost of this plan if used VMware software and use virtualization techniques and installation 5 virtual machine on a server machine is reduced to 80%.

In the event that all services can use resources well and eventually (Utilization) server appliance that is ideal to reach 75%. In this way, the purchase price 4 device additional server savings.

In addition to reducing the cost of buying a server using this solution makes Reduce the cost of electricity, air conditioning, manpower that these figures are impressive in data centers.

VMware Company

VMware Company an independent company and the subsidiaries EMC2 is the largest manufacturer of storage devices. VMware Company has been established in 1998 and over this year’s works only in the field of virtualization operating systems. The company has more than 3,000 employees and three million users all over the world and more than a billion dollars sales amount per year.

These statistics show the position of the company in the world and trusted users to company's products.

VMware products are offered to cover four design requirements:

  • server consolidation
  • Business continuity
  • Testing and development Environments
  • Desktop Management