San Storages  


SAN storage devices

In the selection of SAN devices because of its high cost, usually over the Brand and the quality of the devices there is no clear consensus Hence in this section to see how SAN works and strategies related to its based on some famous Brand will follow.

Two method SAN access to the servers:

1. Fiber connection method connecting through SAN Switch to HBA Storage Controller modules on the server and establish a connection between the servers and the SAN.

2.ISCSI connection method via Ethernet connected to network switches and Communicated between SAN and servers.

Typically SAN devices for storing more data values, use of the two types of storage technology available in the hard:

1.HDDs with quick round (according to today's technology drives 15 K)

This drives up to 500 GB of storage capacity on their own.

2.HDDs with slow round (according to today's technology drives 7.2 K)

The hard drive capable of storing up to 3 TB on their own.

Due to our strategy type in the storage, the kind of hard choice of us would be different and based on the servers that require higher speed and servers need to lower speed separable.

SAN software devices

Using Linux distribution that has the ability to create a SAN software, industrial servers today can turn it on and use the server as a SAN Storage.

SAN hardware devices

This type of devices SAN, affiliated companies producing these storage devices and due to its quality of it and the strategy are available.


Set up the server San run to the following benefits:

- Providing a great atmosphere with the ability to add disks and replace the malfunctioning drive online.

- Providing very high speed writing and reading information on a scale with a variety of server disk.

- Rapid Restore lost data in the event of a hard failure.

- High and reliable speed for access each of servers to the own resources using fiber-optic network

- This technology provides best consolidation integration 

- Gives centrality to the storage location data. 

- Access to the file provided in the most efficient mode. 

- Ability to share storage among multiple host.

- Support for different operating systems.

- Separation of storage location from the performances.

- Can use RAID and spare parts, Preparation and guarantee data integrity