Structured Cabling  

With the increasing use of computer systems in organizations and institutions of the state and the necessity of using computer networks, Talayehdaran Company own activities on the basis knowledge and updated research in the field of advanced network is established.

In this context, consulting and implementation services with the aim of implement, develop or improve the structure and infrastructure of computer networks, organizations and companies are offered.

In the design and implementation of computer network in order to guarantee speed and standards, the following steps are performed:

  • Design and implementation of structured networks using the latest standards
  • Design and implementation of data centers and server rooms in collaboration with the prestigious international companies
  • Providing the latest active and passive network equipment
  • Providing network testing services with the newest testers in the world and provide written documentation and multimedia
  • Implementation of projects CAT7, CAT6 and fiber in the shortest time
  • Create wireless network with networking features Point - to - Point and Point -to - Multipoint
  • Banking consultant and host of major projects in the region
  • Creation wireless networks with networking features Point - to - Point and Point -to - Multipoint consultant and executor of banking major projects in the region