VOIP Products And Services  


Normally to make phone contact between organizations the various options discussed. Now with the advancement of technology related to network systems, VOIP technology has been able to reduce the cost of telephone calls and offer extensive features in creating phone contact (conference rooms, recording of telephone conversations, encrypted online conversations, etc.) have a great importance in IT world.

This technology by using IP protocol been implemented on networks of organizational and outside the organization and is not required the old phone system to transmit voice.

Talayehdarane shabakeye Azerbaijan company by using experience of its experts in the creation of systems VOIP, Video Conference can provide consulting services, VOIP equipment installation and preparation its customers help in this regard.

  • Offering a variety of service-based equipment, VOIP Module (VOIP IP Phone, Call Manager)
  • Consulting and providing economic solutions in the field of setting up VoIP 
  • Consulting, design and implementation of VOIP services include:
  • Launch IVR service to communicate with the interior of the urban lines
  • Conference room audio and video service launched
  • The definition of inland McCurdy requires the central and city organizations in bed
  • Provide comprehensive documentation and training, after the completion of each project